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Are your team leaving money on the table? It is staggering how few people feel comfortable having a simple sales conversation.  They don’t understand how to identify decision makers, create leads or overcome sales objections in order to close deals.

Even more alarming is how few people actually ask for the business. Many believe that sales is a job title. It’s the remit of  ‘Sales People’. The truth is that we all need to be selling, all the time. We are all in sales!

Sales training solutions have been designed to unlock the selling potential of your team. Need improvement in prospecting? Check! How about understanding how to close sales, when to close sales and when a sale is really a sale? Check!

Close Sales Faster

Failure to close new business consistently is the downfall of even experienced salespeople. With this 90 minute module, your team will learn how to close more deals more often.

Qualify Leads Properly

Many sales fall through because there was never any requirement at all. With this 90 minute module, your team will learn how to properly qualify leads with the potential to become sales.

Influence Decision-Makers

Decision-Makers have their own criteria for selecting service providers. With this 90-minute module, your team will learn how to establish what those criteria are and how to leverage them.

Handle Objections Confidently

Buyer objections are often requests for more information in disguise. With this 90-minute module, your team will learn how to understand and overcome objections with confidence.

Prospect With Ease

Many salespeople spend valuable time looking for business in the wrong place. With this 90-minute module, your team will learn how to systematically prospect for high-value customers.

Convert Inbound Calls

Inbound calls are untapped sales potential. You have the customer. Why are your people not selling to them?  With this 90-minute module, your team will learn how to flip inbound calls into sales.

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Mark conducted a week-long consultative sales training course for the internal sales team at Virtus Investment Partners. Mark was a true professional, introducing his firm’s unique process for engaging clients. He exhibited a deep knowledge of all facets of the sales conversation and delivered the instruction needed to help better coach the individuals on the team. The feedback from the group was that Mark was engaging and that his classroom activities were challenging and effective. I would recommend his training and would welcome him back, if given the opportunity.

Brian Haggerty VirtusInvestment Partners
Brian Haggerty
Director Internal Sales Desk, Virtus Investment Partners - USA
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