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Have you individuals in your team whose personal performance is crucial to the success of your business? Of course you do. In fact everyone’s performance has a degree of influence on the collective success of the team. Yet, it is surprising how stress, poor time-management, slow-decision-making and a range of other inadequacies can hamper personal progress if they are not addressed.

Performance training solutions have been designed to bring out the very best in personal excellence in the workplace. Your team will benefit from these highly practical sessions as they focus on these key competencies, which make a critical difference in personal career success.

The training solutions below can be delivered in-person in 90 minutes in your office or remotely over the internet via Web-Ex™ or as pre-recorded eLearning modules, which your team can access at times that accommodate work commitments.

Reduce Work Stress

Stress cannot be seen but the effects of its presence in your team can be devastating. With this module, your team will learn how to manage and eliminate stress proactively.

Make Decisions Fast

Procrastination or prevarication often stems from an inability to weigh-up options. With this module, your team will stop postponing choices and improve their critical decision-making.

Boost Your Confidence

An unwillingness to take calculated risks and take action where it is needed holds so many people back. With this module, your team will learn how to harness greater self-belief and resilience.

Eliminate Time Wasting

Time is a finite resource and often squandered on activities of low-value. With this module, your team will learn how to prioritise activities and minimise unwanted distractions.

Think More Creatively

How many great ideas if properly conceived and implemented would turn things around? With this module, your team will learn how to leverage the power of creative thinking.

Plan Your Work

Structured and thorough planning is not the job of project-managers alone. With this module, your team will learn how to effectively coordinate activities and resources.

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Mark is a wonderful coach with a wealth of experience and a fantastic approach to training and development. I attended his ‘You Can Present’ workshop recently and I was extremely impressed at the effective design and quality of this practical course. Presenting is a daunting prospect for most people but Mark really puts you at ease from the beginning, sharing his knowledge and arming you with tips and tools on how to plan, build and deliver your best presentation. His enthusiasm, professionalism and encouragement makes the training so fun and enjoyable, I highly recommend Mark’s coaching to anyone wishing to develop and improve their skills.

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