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Do you have managers who perform expertly on their own but fall short when it comes to achieving outcomes through others? Perhaps you have new managers who need to provide direction to their team but have not yet acquired the essential skills which will make their new role as smooth and successful as possible. Perhaps you don’t have the time or resources to bring them up to speed by yourself.

Management training solutions have been designed to educate and empower both new managers and current managers with the practical skills required to manage people on a daily basis. The ability to properly appraise the work of others as well as manage performance, absence and delegation are some of the key skills required by everyone who leads a team.

Delegate Effectively

Poor delegation can cause stagnation of skills and lead to staff turnover. With this 90 minute module, your team will learn how to use delegation to develop and motivate others to acquire new skills.

Give Appraisals Positively

Do your managers dread the process of giving personnel appraisals? With this 90 minute module, your team will learn how to prepare and deliver appraisals confidently and positively.

Manage Business Change

In fast-evolving markets, an inability to respond to change can result in lost opportunities. With this 90-minute module, your team will learn how to adapt to new business realities in an agile manner.

Boost Individual Performance

It can be awkward and challenging to deal with underperforming individuals. With this 90-minute module, your team will learn how to reverse poor performance through Co-Active® Coaching.

Challenge Personal Absence

Does continued personal absence disrupt your performance and upset group-morale? With this 90-minute module, your team will learn to challenge absence issues in a non-confrontational manner.

Hold Productive Meetings

Do you worry about the productivity of meetings and the loss of the time they consume? With this 90-minute module, your team will learn how to manage highly effective meetings using SCRUM principles.

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Mark conducted a week-long consultative sales training course for the internal sales team at Virtus Investment Partners. Mark was a true professional, introducing his firm’s unique process for engaging clients. He exhibited a deep knowledge of all facets of the sales conversation and delivered the instruction needed to help better coach the individuals on the team. The feedback from the group was that Mark was engaging and that his classroom activities were challenging and effective. I would recommend his training and would welcome him back, if given the opportunity.

Brian Haggerty VirtusInvestment Partners
Brian Haggerty
Director Internal Sales Desk, Virtus Investment Partners - USA
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