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Perhaps your team is a team on paper but fails to ‘gel’ or work in synergy. On the surface, the skills and experience are there but when measured, performance is disappointing. Good leaders achieve great results through people who want to be motivated by them, coached by them and lead by them authentically. Furthermore, good leaders are emotionally- intelligent which is to say that they are aware of the effect they have on others and are able to adapt their style accordingly.

Leadership training solutions have been designed to build a rock-solid set of measurable competencies for those who are privileged to lead and inspire others by their example.

Coach Your Team

Coaching can help remove self-imposed barriers and unlock creativity. With this 90 minute module, your team will learn how to use a coaching model to get others to develop a personal plan for performance.

Inspire and Motivate

The best leaders know how to fuel ambition and determination. With this 90 minute module, your team will learn how to apply motivation techniques to inspire passion and commitment.

Master Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence (or EQ) allows true leaders to work with anyone and get the best from them. With this 90-minute module, your team will learn how to be self-aware and reflect their best selves.

Build Your Team

Pulling together people with diverse strengths and interests is not an easy task.  With this 90-minute module, your team will learn how to shape a cohesive unit of people sharing the same purpose.

Lead with Authenticity

Nobody gains by creating cloned leaders who mirror and duplicate each other. With this 90-minute module, your team will learn to leverage strengths and experience to compliment those of others.

Understand Personality Types

Different personality types suit different roles and responsibilities. With this 90-minute module, your team will learn how to recognise MBTI™ type preferences and gain the best from them.

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Mark conducted a week-long consultative sales training course for the internal sales team at Virtus Investment Partners. Mark was a true professional, introducing his firm’s unique process for engaging clients. He exhibited a deep knowledge of all facets of the sales conversation and delivered the instruction needed to help better coach the individuals on the team. The feedback from the group was that Mark was engaging and that his classroom activities were challenging and effective. I would recommend his training and would welcome him back, if given the opportunity.

Brian Haggerty VirtusInvestment Partners
Brian Haggerty
Director Internal Sales Desk, Virtus Investment Partners - USA
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