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Time and again, business leaders and senior managers bemoan the inability of their people to communicate both to internal and external audiences. How can you pitch for business, negotiate contracts and influence both decision-makers and stakeholders if your team exhibits consistent weaknesses in these crucial areas? Success goes to those who can master the competencies of professional communication and influence with impact every single time.

Communication training solutions have been designed to empower your team to master the fundamentals of human interaction through comprehending body-language, delivering presentations that inspire action and competently negotiating, influencing and giving vital feedback.

Present with Impact

How many people present with no idea whether the audience knows what action to take? With this workshop, your team will learn how to create and deliver presentations that get results.

Decode Body Language

Are some of your key performers struggling with the subtleties of non verbal communication? With this workshop, your team will recognise and decipher the intricacies of body language.

Master Difficult Conversations

Are difficult conversations passed-over or delegated for fear of getting them wrong? With this workshop, your team will learn an actionable model to master awkward but unavoidable exchanges.

Negotiate to Win-Win

Do you wish negotiations were better prepared and mutually-beneficial? With this workshop, your team will learn to negotiate from a position of strength whilst keeping relationships intact.

Give Powerful Feedback

Are you aware how feedback, if carefully and regularly given can prevent poor performance? With this workshop, your team will learn a model to ensure success every time.

Persuade & Influence

How do some people succeed in getting others to comply with their requests while other never can? With this workshop, your team will learn how to powerfully influence and persuade.

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I have recently completed a two day training course for myself and the sales leadership team at Virgin Media Business. Over the 2 days the team commented on how impressed they were with the understanding, content and delivery from Mark. I was delighted with the flexible approach to the delivery based on the audience. A highly engaging and motivating trainer that I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending.

Martin McFadyen
Head of Scotland, Virgin Media Business
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