If you want to stand out, your presentation skills count!

If you want to stand out then learn to present!

It’s extraordinary how the act of standing up among your colleagues, clients or friends will help them to see you in a completely different light. This is where presentation skills training can make a world of a difference.

get noticed

I regularly tell my presentation skills clients: ‘If you want to stand out, stand up!’. In other words, if you want to stand out from the crowd and to be noticed, you really need to be comfortable speaking on your feet.

There are few better ways to rapidly be noticed as a leader. By standing up and speaking, you come to the attention of the very people who have the power to promote you. You performance will stick in the right minds.

Let’s imagine the scene: a group of Senior Managers are considering someone for the role of Project Manager. It’s a difficult choice though. Everyone has to agree on the candidate and there are 14 applications on the table on front of them.

stand out

Interestingly, many of the applicants have more or less the same experience. So how to decide? Everyone agrees that It’s too much of a  high-profile role to risk giving it to an unknown. The person who is given this job needs to hit the ground running and command the respect of their peers and management from the moment they are appointed to the role.

“Hang on. Who was it that gave that update on her team’s quarterly performance last month? It was really good. She hit on all the right points.” “Oh yeah”, another Senior Manager chips in, “You’re right! That was Louise.”

“She made some good points but it was the confidence with which she made those points that impressed me. You know how so many people bottle it when they have the chance to impress.”

Another speaks up: “So, I for one could see her doing this. We have to go through the right channels of course but If she can deliver presentations to our clients like this, I think she could be a strong contender. Let’s put her on the shortlist.”

In summary, Louise’s presentation appears to have come at the right moment in her career. It’s just as well because the role she hopes to get will require her to give pep talks to the team.

Her team will need her to represent their best interests at management meetings and her company will need to be sure that she can earn the trust of its clients face to face.

This scenario is imaginary but it illustrates how decision-makers can be swayed by impressions. That’s because strong impressions count.

win confidence of others

It’s far easier to go with someone you know than someone you don’t. So much of leadership is about winning the collective confidence of others particularly in challenging circumstances.

Ultimately, it’s the power of communication which convinces others to support you, to back you and to accept your recommendations.

be ready

It’s the skill of presenting which allows you to deliver a crisp, succinct and professional message when you are called on to do so. It’s better to be ready. Are you?

Author: Mark
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