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Are you concerned with the experience that your agents and salespeople offer your customers on the customer service frontline?  You should be. In the 21st century when physical products can be readily commoditised and copied, it is the service experience that allows customers to stand out from the competition.

The leading brands of the world maintain their market position thanks to an evangelical approach to their customers experience. How customers are acknowledged, greeted, listened to, sold-to and supported, has them coming back for more or running into the arms of the competition.

Service training solutions have been designed to focus your team on maximising the quality of face-to-face interaction, telephone and virtual chat experiences. Whether customers are buying, seeking service or making complaints, all moments of truth represent opportunities to create lasting impressions. This makes the recruitment and training of customer-facing personnel all the more vital.

The solutions below can be delivered in-person in 90 minutes in your office or remotely over the internet via Adobe®Connect or as pre-recorded eLearning modules, which your team can access at times that accommodate work commitments.

Turn Complaints Around

Do your people quail in the face of an angry customer? With this 90 minute module, your team will learn how to handle complaints and convert complainants into brand evangelists.

Virtual Chat Service

Can your agents deliver service excellence across remote-service channels? With this 90-minute module, your team will learn how to adapt to the demands of virtual chat platforms.

Brilliant Telephone Service

Do your people meet telephone service metrics whilst maintaining high standards? With this 90-minute module, your team will learn how to take control of support calls and solve problems quickly.

Perfect Retail Service

On the busy shop floor, it can be challenging to maintain exceptional service standards. With this 90-minute module, your team will learn how to serve and delight in-store customers.

Convert Service to Sales

Do your agents take advantage of the captured audience that contacts you for support and information? With this 90-minute module, your team will learn to convert support calls to closed sales.

Platinum Customer Service

Do you have high-value customers with demanding requirements? With this 90-minute module, your team will learn how to anticipate particular needs and exceed demanding expectations.

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Mark delivered a series of highly-engaging and interactive workshops to Senior Managers at Virgin Media Business. The programme took us through a whole host of coaching and management tools designed to enable us to support our sales teams as part of a strategic sales initiative. Mark is an excellent communicator as well as an engaging and enthusiastic trainer. I found his facilitation skills to be relaxing yet professional and can recommend him highly.

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Northern Commercial Sales Manager, Dimension Data

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