crafting your pitch with challenge-solution-result

There you are at a pitch for new business and it’s your team’s turn. You need to captivate the decision-makers complete attention, communicate a powerful message that resonates, and motivate them so they willingly take action in your favour. That’s a lot to ask of you in the space of the next 10 minutes, isn’t it? Know any tricks?…..

no tricks

Well, first of all, you don’t need any tricks. What you need is a good story. A story can be just as powerful as the best of slideshow presentations because it creates an analogy. The story you tell will mirror the audience’s circumstances as closely as possible. Needless to say, your stories are actual accounts of client success without embellishment or fictional detail.

challenge solution result

One problem with many stories however, is they appear to have no end. The speaker drones on and on, adding ever more detail until both the speaker and the audience have forgotten why it has any relevance. What you need therefore is a model or guideline so you don’t start to ramble and go off on a mysterious tangent. To avoid this, get your team to think ‘C-S-R’ or Challenge-Solution-Result.

Simply put, the ‘Challenge’ part of your story tells the audience about a situation in which your client found themselves. The ‘Solution’ explains how your business applied an appropriate fix and the ‘Result’ is the outcome in the client’s favour as a result of applying your solution. That’s it. That’s the framework for your story.

why does this work?

There are a number of reasons. Firstly, it is a both a simple and eloquent model. There are no more than three steps to it. That makes it easy to remember and keeps you on track.

Secondly, with the right story, you have successfully instructed the audience’s subconscious minds so that they ‘see’ themselves in your story. They are in fact the subject of your story in the shoes of an actual third-party.

Thirdly, your story has indirectly explained to the audience how you can do the same for them. This is exponentially more effective than telling someone directly all about your product’s or service’s features and benefits in the hope that they ‘connect the dots’.

let’s look at an example:

Challenge: To enable XYZ to continue to realise a cost advantage within the beverages industry, XYZ sought alternative PR channels to reduce the overall costs of their advertising campaign.

Solution: We re-designed their above-the-line messaging. This re-design allowed the identification of new verticals where new PR opportunities could best be leveraged at significantly lower pricing.

Result: Upon following our suggestions, XYZ secured a new contract with Berta GmbH. They have now added 10K new user details to their HubSpot database. Furthermore, XYZ has been shortlisted for awards for innovative use of print media.

better than a case-study

You can of course add more detail to each of these parts in order to drive home the relevance of the information to your audience. If well-crafted and properly rehearsed it can provide the same information but in a far more powerful manner. In essence, a good CSR is a spoken-version of a case-study.

When you next sit down to plan your next pitch, try this framework to ensure that your client success stories or case-studies have a structure and detail that is easy to remember and designed to have a powerful impact.

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